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How to Register a Domain

Hello and welcome to Powerstone web service blog, this topic covers how to register a domain name with any domain name registrar in the world! First of all, what is a domain name, well a domain name is the name that when people enter into their web browser they can see or reach your website, therefore it should be something that can easily be remembered when you mention it to your customers.
A domain name always takes the form myname.tld, and the tld stands for Top Level Domain and examples of top level domains include com, net, org, info etcetera, there are thousands of them, okay now the type of service your website or company offers will decide the TLD to choose, though some people seem to just choose anything for their websites as long as it can be reached but it is not the best, there are standards which we cannot cover in this particular post but maybe later in the future.
So now let's assume you made a research and have come out with a perfect domain name for your business or company, the next step is to find out if it is not already registered by someone, the easiest way to do that is by entering it into your browser's address bar and check, if your browser says server cannot be found or reached, the probability that the domain is free to register is 50%, why 50%, I'll tell you, if you register a domain, it's like you registering your company, the hosting of the domain can also be compared to you finding an apartment for your company to operate and until that domain is pointing to a host server, only a software can tell if it is truly registered but no browser can reach it, so the only way to tell if a domain is free is by using the domain search engine on a domain registrars website, it has the capability to tell whether the domain has been registered or not, an example is our domain checker.
Warning: Powerstone can guarantee you that we do not receive or store any domain name searched using our domain availability checker, however some domain registrars may store your info without your knowledge and if the domain name that you searched seem to be a nice one and has not yet been registered they can snatch it and sell back to you at a higher price.
What should you do? Only search for a domain on a registrar's website if you are fully ready to buy that domain instantly.
Now let's buy and set up a domain with a host.

STEP1. You search for the domain name on your domain registrar's website and if it's available, you add it to your cart and checkout, the set up process should not take more than an hour on the registrar's side.

STEP2. Your domain is ready, now you can buy a hosting package from a reliable host, if you have no idea which host to choose, Powerstone has interesting hosting packages from just $1/month, you can CHECK IT OUT.

STEP3. Once your hosting account is ready your host company will send you at least 2 name servers, they should be in the form and, note that the ns1 and ns2 can be anything else like x and y or a and b, anything the the hosting company itself used in setting up their server.

STEP4. We now have to update our name servers at the domain registrar, we shall simply log into the domain registrar's control panel and search for our registered domain name then against it there should be something like "update name server" click on it, you may have some default name servers there already, please clean them out or delete them and paste the ones given you by your host, if your registrar gives you space for 5 names but your host gave you only 2 names, don't worry, just copy and past the two names given you by your host, please do not use any other nameservers in addition to the ones given you by your host, take note!

STEP5. We now sit back and allow up to 48 hours for the domain name to fully resolve to our host (we call it DNS propagation), normally on cpanel servers you will see something like "Index of" Hurray, we can now upload our website content either by ftp or file manager to the server and there is our website.

By: Newhope Bedzra, (CEO PTS Technologies) 07/10/2017


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